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Are you a ninja? Or even just thinking about becoming a ninja? Looking for a gift fit for a ninja young or old? If any of these describe you, then The Ninja Passport is a must.The Ninja Passport

What is The Ninja Passport?

The Ninja Passport aims to bring together one ninja commUNITY. At the most basic (and completely free) level referred to as “Explorer”, the ninja passport acts as a social media specifically designed for ninjas and the “ninja curious”.

The Ninja Passport

  • Creating an account with The Ninja Passport gives you access to a few really cool things. First off, the most comprehensive ninja calendar I’ve ever seen. This calendar includes all ninja related competitions and events, including competitions hosted by the NNL, FINA, UNAA, AWG, UNX, NLNG, and competitions run solely by the hosting gym. For anybody confused, all those capitalized letters are the various ninja leagues that have formed within the last 5 years. Each one is trying to become the leading authority that governs the sport of ninja. The calendar includes a link to an event page containing all the information you need such as location, date and time, ages, etc.
  • As if the calendar isn’t enough of an incentive for any ninja in training, signing up with The Ninja Passport gives you access to the “Flex Forum”. This forum gives ninjas a place to discuss topics like American Ninja Warrior, backyard obstacle building, course design, competitions, ninja gear, and more!

As an explorer member, you also create a profile using a profile picture, a cover picture, and if you like, a ninja name! Think of it as a way to get your name out there into the ninja community.

What do I get for Upgrading from a Free Account?

As stated above, an account is completely free. No credit card is required, making signing up a no brainer. But if you do decide to upgrade from “Explorer” to “Adventurer”, you’ll get a few really nice perks.

1 Free Open Gym at 140+ Ninja Gym Locations

The Ninja PassportThis is where The Ninja Passport really earns its name. By being an Adventurer Ninja, you gain 1 free open gym at any of the ninja destinations affiliated with The Ninja Passport. If you’d like, you can compare their map to the complete Ninja Gym Locator Tool here. You’ll notice the majority of ninja gyms across the country are affiliated with The Ninja Passport. By visiting just 3 different ninja gyms, The Ninja Passport has already paid for itself! Buy memberships in 2 or 3 packs with friends and family for even bigger savings!

How do you redeem The Ninja Passport? The process couldn’t be more simple! Watch this video below to see for yourself.

The Second Open Gym is Half Off

Going on vacation out of state? Maybe you’re going to watch the American Ninja Warrior qualifying rounds, and of course you’re going to want to get in some training at the local ninja gym. The Ninja Passport gives you the second drop in class at any affiliated gym half off. That’s 2 training sessions for a quarter the price!

The Ninja Passport Gets You Discounts from Ninja Related Sellers

Forget for a second how much you can save when you visit gyms. The Ninja Passport is affiliated with many ninja related retailers, and by becoming an Adventurer, you get 10-20% off at all of them. Buy one or two obstacles and a pair of Born Primitive Ninja Joggers, and that alone is enough to make the membership well worth it. Partners include big names like DGS, Monstro, and Magic Ninja Dust to name just a few.

Visit Gyms, Earn Points, Win Prizes

The Ninja Passport

Whenever you visit a new ninja gym affiliated with The Ninja Passport, you’ll get a stamp from that gym on your virtual passport. In addition to showing off how many gyms you’ve been to, these stamps earn you points that put you on a leader board. Ninjas at the top of the leader board win prizes from partners of The Ninja Passport!

Neighborhood NinjasRaise Money for Ninjas who Need it

The Ninja Passport proudly donates $1 for every passport sold to Neighborhood Ninjas. Neighborhood Ninjas is a non-profit which raises money for young ninjas who otherwise don’t have the means to compete in the sport of ninja. To learn more, click here.

Expeditioner Passport

The Expeditioner Passport is the package that gives you the most bang for your buck. For $30 more than the Adventurer Passport, you get…

  • Everything included with the Adventurer Passport.
  • Magic Ninja DustA one-year Ninja Master Subscription. It’s a ninja course timing system and more all on your phone! For more information on Ninja Master, click here.
  • A printed passport booklet. If you’re looking to buy The Ninja Passport as a gift for a young ninja, this is for you. The opportunity to collect stamps in a physical passport as they travel and train at different gyms makes it that much more fun!
  • Travel Size Magic Ninja dust. This stuff is the best. It’s chalk that leaves no mess and doesn’t have to be reapplied every 2 minutes.
  • Travel size Rip-Fix
  • Ninja Bag Tag

How Much Does The Ninja Passport Cost?

Like I said before, The Explorer Passport is completely free and a no brainer for any serious or casual ninja. The Adventurer Passport starts at only $49, which is bound to save you tons of money when you look at all the perks it comes with. I say starting at $49 because if you buy 2 or 3 at a time, it can be as cheap as $45 each. And finally, for $79 you can have the Expeditioner Passport, along with all the fun stuff that comes along with it.


The Ninja Passport makes a great gift for any ninja, and is a must have for any ninja that travels at least once a year in particular. It is an easy way to save some money while adding an extra bit of fun collecting virtual stamps. Ready to buy now? Click HERE!

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Founder of 'The Sport Of Ninja'


  1. riverdogg


    Hey man, thanks for recommending the Ninja Passport program. So strange that I have never even heard of the Ninja sport or Ninja gyms but then on your About Me post I realized it must be inspired by that tv show contest about American Ninjas, or am I mistaken? Either way it looks fun and I’m very curious to try it out now. Thanks.

    • Bobby


      Yeah, you’re exactly right! If you might be interested, check out TNP map and see if there’s a gym or 2 near you. If there is, you should consider getting a membership!

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