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Need some ideas for your ninja Christmas list? Look no further, I’ve got you covered!

1. Hyperwear Weighted Vest

Considering ninja is a calisthenic based sport (most ninja training involves lifting only your body weight), adding some weight can be really beneficial! I first got the recomendation for this particular weight vest from Drew Dreschel. If you follow Jessie Graff on instagram, you’ve probably seen her rock this vest during workouts too.The Hyper Vest PRO comes in silver or kick it up a notch with the Hyper Vest Elite in black. What makes the Hyper Vest really stand out from other weighted vests are the slim, high density steel weights. The design of the vest allows it to conform tightly to your body, allowing for full range of motion that the cheaper, bulkier vests can’t offer.

The Pro vest come with 10 lbs, and the Elite vest can be purchased with 10, 15, or 20 lbs, but additional weights that fit into either the Pro or Elite vests can be bought separately. Each booster pack contains 35 2.3 ounce weights.

2. Bosu Ball

From a personal training standpoint, exercising in an unstable but controlled environment is the ideal method to improve balance. As such a bosu ball not only makes a great addition to any balance course, but an excellent training aid.

3. Ninja Holds (Cannonballs, Nunchucks, etc.)

There are so many options that there’s no way for me to suggest which holds any given ninja would want. But if they don’t have the more basic grips, you can’t go wrong with cannonballs and nunchucks. Of course even within these basic options there are many different sizes and materials.

Of course you’ll also need some straps and quick links to set these up. Or if you’re looking to put them up and take them down often, like perhaps on a pull up bar or tree branch, you could try these Jubilee Ninja Straps.

For the ninja that already has all the cannonballs and nunchucks they want, check out some of the novelty holds Amazon has to offer!



4. The Ninja Passport

Not every ninja has tons of space in their living space to set up all the cool ninja stuff they want. So what’s the next best thing? More training time at ninja gyms!passport-booklet Fortunately, The Ninja Passport makes it easy and affordable to train at over 140 different ninja gyms all around the country!

The Ninja Passport is a fast growing part of the ninja world that aims to unite us as one commUNITY. With The Ninja Passport membership, you get 1 free open gym, and 1 half off open gym at each of over 140 ninja gyms. Additionally, the Ninja Passport website works as a sort of social media for all ninjas and ninja fans.

Not convinced yet? Read up more on my post The Ninja Passport Review.

5. Pegboard

Both a great training tool and an obstacle in and of itself, you can’t go wrong with a pegboard. The versatility of a pegboard allows it to be secured to any wall that can support the weight.

Pegboards are a great way to develop grip strength, muscle endurance, and body control, making it a great gift for any ninja.

And don’t forget, if the pegboard you choose doesn’t come with pegs, you’ll need to find a pair online that fit the holes!

6. Rings

In terms of price, these rings on Amazon may be the best deal I’ve seen yet. Rings can be used in so many ways, and hung from so many places. Like the pegboard, they help build grip, and the body control you learn from swinging on rings is unparallelled. The one caveot; if you’re going to swing big, make sure you’ve got some mats under you.

7. Massage Gun

If you’ve been around the ninja community for a while, you’ve no doubt seen massage guns on the rise over the last couple years. Used properly, massage guns break up knots in muscle tissue and promote increased blood flow throughout the body.

With so many massage guns out there in a relatively new market, it’s difficult to know what to buy. One of the most popular devices out there is the Hypervolt. It boasts 3 impressive speed settings, a 3 hour battery life, and is relatively silent (Some massage guns sound like power tools). The one downside is that it can be a bit pricey.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, there are dozens of cheaper ones around, like this one here. Just make sure you read all the reviews and no what you’re getting before you order any of the cheaper ones.

Image result for zante trainer8. Ninja Shoes

Most ninjas agree that the best shoes to run a course in right now are New Balance Zante Trainers. Of course there are other great ninja shoes out there too. If you want to learn a little more, check out this post I wrote last year.

9. American Ninja Warrior Merch

American Ninja Warrior Kids Camo Short Sleeve Performance T-Shirt (Medium, Grey)When it comes to ANW fans, it’s hard to go wrong with a nice ANW hat, or some ANW socks. And of course the first thing any fan needs is an official ANW shirt.

10. Stocking Stuffers


These are just a few of my top reccomendations. For hundreds of more ideas, check out the Training Gear, Rest & Recovery, and Party Supplies sections.

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Founder of 'The Sport Of Ninja'


  1. Rutz


    Thank you for such an inspiring article.  I am a big fan of Ninja with my boy and we ususally enjoy watching it together but the challenge is that Ninja sport is not practiced in our country.  Notherless I have learnt a lot about Ninja Sport and its accessories. Keep up the good work.

    • Bobby


      I’m glad you liked the post! Ninja Warrior is a growing sport with tv shows in over 40 countries. If it isn’t in your country yet, keep checking. I bet it will be there sooner or later! In the mean time, you can train at your own house with some of the stuff on this list!

  2. Digger82


    Oh god  the Bosu ball! I remember that darn thing from a couple years ago when I had a few weeks of rehab for my lower back. Every session I would have to do different kinds of balancing on the Bosu ball and let me tell you if you are not used to a lot of physical activity.. those darn things are hard! But I have to admit they are fun too. Love that weighted ninja vest as well. Just might have to get me one of those Bosu balls and start training like a ninja 😉

  3. KingAndrea


    Its so lovely to have this information about The Ninja Christmas wishlist, though I’m not a fan of ninja stuffs, I still find it delightful to have some of these things cos I’ve been captivated by some like the massage gun and the hyperwear weighed best. I’ll definitely get them as soon as possible. Thanks once again for this useful update 

  4. Wildecoll


    Its I thoughtful of you to post this article of your recommendations of ninja Christmas wish list, I always enjoy watching movies with martial arts display and for this reason, I’ll like to have some of these costumes to myself. The ninja shoe is very good and I also would like to get the Hyperwear Weighted Vest. I’ll check for more from the link.

  5. Abul Basher


    Hi BOBBY, thank you very much for publishing a great and informative article on “The Ninja Christmas Wishlist”. By reading your article, I impressed with Ring pairs. These are very nice to look. I have a little question about these ring pairs. What are they made of? Finally, I hope you will write more useful article in future.

  6. Alicia


    Great list! I’ve wanted to get a couple of rings for a while now, but I keep postponing it. I guess now’s the time. I wanted to get pillows to use instead of mats, but these mats are actually pretty thick. I think I’ll be fine.

    Obviously, I’ll go for the pink one. 🙂


  7. Marketa


    Hi Bobby

    My daughter has gotten really into ninja over the past year and I’m looking for some Christmas presents for her based around the sport. I know nothing about the sport. Unfortunately, I know nothing about it so reading your review has been really helpful. 

    I was particularly interested in the massage gun and wondered if you thought this would be appropriate for daily use, even for my other family members who participate in other sports 

    I also just wanted to check that the gun would be appropriate for a small 17 year old? 

    Thanks very much 🙂 

    • Bobby


      Massage guns are definitely a great tool to have in recovery from any sport, and they can be used daily too! The most important thing is that it is used properly. If you go to fast/hard or in a bad spot (i.e. on the spine) it could be counter productive or even dangerous. Watch some online videos and massage guns are a great tool for any athlete to have.

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