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How To Improve Balance

Balance is one of the fundamental skills for a ninja. Learning how to improve balance requires practice and precision. Even for veteran ninjas who already know how to balance, it’s easy to slip up. Balance can be very unforgiving, and even the best of the best can go down if they aren’t focused. How to…

Skyward Ninja

Play Skyward Ninja Play Skyward Ninja free now! Skyward Ninja is an addictive flash game in which you control a ninja on his travels skyward. Much like the sport of ninja, or the television show American Ninja Warrior, the ninja navigates his way by jumping from platform to platform. How high can you get before…

How to Lache

The lache is an absolutely essential ninja technique. It is a necessary part of many, perhaps even the majority of upper body obstacles. What is a Lache? A lache (pronounced luh-shay) is a skill used in ninja and parkour in which the athlete swings by their hands, then releases, launching their body forward. A lache…

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