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I’m happy to announce The Sport of Ninja’s new ‘Ninja Warrior Gym Near Me’ ninja gym locator page. Using this tool, you can find the closest ninja gym no matter where in the US you go! The suggestion for the ‘Ninja Warrior Gym Near Me’ page originally came to me from April Beckner.

Never trained at a ninja gym before? Not sure where to start? Or maybe you regularly travel for competition and need to know about the closest place to train. We’ve got you covered!

Ninja Warrior Gym Near Me

Which Gyms are Included?

I did my best to include only gyms that can actually be considered full fledged training facilities for competetive ninjas. That means no gymnastics, rock climbing, crossfit, parkour gyms, or trampoline parks that hang a cargo net and call themselves a ninja gym. However, if I missed a gym that you’ve been to and think should be included (very possible, I entered each and every gym manually), let me know in the comment section below!

The decision to include or exclude some gyms was difficult. If I wasn’t sure whether or not to include it, I asked myself, “If I was in the area, would I train here, or bring kids who are serious about ninja to train here?”

Training Homegrounds

If you’re serious about Ninja, you need to train like a serious athlete. Parks and backyard equipment are great, but there are serious benefits to training at a ninja gym.

  • Obstacle Quality – Any decent ninja gym puts a lot of time and energy into developing their equipment. Often times, the equipment you find at a ninja gym is simply of higher quality than anything you can build yourself, or purchase online for home use.
  • Obstacle Quantity – Even if you’re a wiz in the workshop, planning and constructing obstacles consumes a lot of time, space, and money. Ninja Gyms are able to set up many obstacles at a time. Most gyms switch out obstacles regularly so that you get a chance to train everything you need for competition.
  • The Community – The ninja community is larger and stronger than ever (and still growing!). Training along other like minded athletes is the best way to keep motivation and drive thriving. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or brand new to the sport, you’re likely to learn a thing or two.

If you’re lucky enough to have multiple gyms around you, then you have a choice in your main training grounds! Keep these things in mind. You don’t  want distance to be the sole decider. You might even consider splitting your time between two gyms! Doing so would certainly be beneficial when competition season rolls around.

Training Away From Home- Find a Ninja Warrior Gym Near Me

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign state wondering, “Is there a ninja warrior gym near me”?

Like all athletes, competitive ninjas have to travel. If you plan on being away from your home gym for more than a day or two, it might be a good idea to check out some other gyms. With the “Find a Ninja Warrior Gym Near Me” Ninja gym locator tool, planning which gyms to hit while you’re on the road is a breeze.

No matter how much you love your ninja gym, getting too comfortable can be dangerous come competition season. Ninja is not a standardized sport. On the contrary, it’s a sport where you are expected to adapt to an obstacle at a moment’s notice. In other words, even if you can do the quituple steps at your gym with 100% accuracy backwards with your eyes closed, the steps at another gym will likely be made of a different material, set on top of a different material, set a different distance apart, built and rotated on different angles than you’re used to, and weigh much more or less than you’re used to. My point being, doing the same exact obstacles every day for months or more could make you over-confident. Therefore, I strongly reccomend checking out other ninja gyms every so often.

No Ninja Warrior Gyms Near You?

Unfortunately, some areas of the country are still void of ninja :(. If you can’t find a place to train ninja regularly, you have other options! Rock climb to maintain forearm strength. Parkour or gymnastics classes will increase body awareness. For more suggestions on sports that will help with your ninja training, check out this page.

Regardless of where you train, take rest and recovery into your own hands. Hand held massage guns are a great way to keep muscles relaxed and blood flowing!


Many of these gyms were found by cross-referencing lists from Mud Run Guide, I Love Ninja Warrior, and Ninja Guide. Another 3 dozen or so that I initially missed were brought to my attention by a group of ninjas from all around. This ‘Ninja Warrior Gym Near Me’ ninja gym locator has already come in handy for me a bunch of times. It’s my hope that it will be helpful to ninjas all over.

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Founder of 'The Sport Of Ninja'


    • Reply

      Yup, ninja gyms are popping up all over the place now! Check out all the ones near you, there’s probably a lot of variation!

  1. Marlinda Davis


    I love watching Ninja Warrior and at one time wanted to train to compete. One problem I had was that there weren’t any gyms in my area. Looks like I have to move up north if I want to get any ninja warrior training done. There are so much more choices than here in NC. Thanks for sharing! Have you ever participated in Ninja Warriors?

    • Bobby


      I’ve never been on the show (unless the audience counts!), but I have competed in a ton of ninja competitions. Thanks for asking?

  2. RoDarrick


    I so much adore watching ninja warriors and really wished to compete in them but then, time has been a major factor. Though whenever I’m free especially during the weekends, I do go through the routines but its not as intensive as I would’ve loved it to be. I’m also unfortunately in an area where there is not ninja gym so, I ensure my workouts myself at home. 

    • Bobby


      Sorry to here there’s no ninja gyms near you 😢 They’re constantly popping up all over the country though, and we make sure to update the ninja gym locator regularly, so be sure to check back every so often!

  3. Jóhann H. Ragnarsson


    I spend a lot of time in the gym. So when I travel I want to keep moving in gyms, just to keep focus and for health reasons of course too. So getting a list like this is excellent.

    Special, because I see it as good in my training program to use the time when I travel to do something different. Even so, it is best to training with a plan it is good for the body to do something different time to time, shock it a little if we can so.

    But I haven´t tested the Ninja training programme. If my feeling right that it is kind of natural training? Meaning, something in style of the primer human body training (forget the right word, sorry). Something like for example as Spartan Racing training?

    Thank you for the very interesting article and information, I will use it.

    • Bobby


      Hi Johann!

      Ninja is somewhat similar to a spartan race, but the focus is much more on the obstacles with very little running space between obstacles. Where a spartan race (and other OCR races) are small distance runs from one obstacle to the next, ninja is a series of obstacle in direct succession of each other, with only a small landing platform (or sometimes no break at all!) between obstacles. In this way, ninja requires much less cardio than OCR racing, but much more muscle endurance and explosive power. A ninja course can take anywhere from 10 seconds (a speed course) to maybe 5-10 minutes at most, whereas a spartan race typically covers at least 3 miles, plus obstacles and therefore lasts a minimum of 30 minutes, often much longer.

      Hope this helped!

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