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Interested in throwing an American Ninja Warrior party? Of course you are! American Ninja Warrior is the hit reality competition show that’s been taking the country by storm for the past 11 seasons. If you want a more generalized ninja party dedicated to the sport of ninja, check out this post. But if your looking for an Ameican Ninja Warrior party, there’s a few things you’ll need…

American Ninja Warrior Party

American Ninja Warrior Party Venue!

This goes without saying, but you’ll need somewhere to host your party. You could absolutely throw an American Ninja Warrior party in your backyard. But if you or your son/ daughter are really that big an ANW fan, your probably going to want to hold the party somewhere you can get some serious obstacle training in. That’s where the handy dandy Ninja Gym Locator Tool comes in!

If there’s one nearby, you could even book a gym owned or operated by one of the stars of American Ninja Warrior! Odds are they won’t be there to personally work the party, but it can’t hurt to ask. Drew Drechsel, aka The American Ninja Warrior PartyReal Life Ninja, owns a gym franchise in New England. Ninja Nation has 3 locations, as well as 5 mobile ninja courses that can come to you. Chris Wilczewski and his brother founded the Movement Labs. And those are just a few of the gyms owned by ninjas you’ve seen on the show!

ANW Gift Ideas

American Ninja Warrior has a whole line of toys and obstacles that make the perfect gift for any fan. For younger, more casual fans of the show, these ninja gifts and toys are a sure hit. The ANW bounce ball set is a ton of fun. And no backyard ninja obstacle course can be properly run without this American Ninja Warrior timer/buzzer.

For the more serious ninjas in training, most of this training equipment can be set up and used right at home! For younger or less experienced beginner ninjas, these obstacles are perfect. The ANW jumping stones and ANW zip line are ideal for setting up an easy yet insanely fun course.

Older, more experienced ninjas would probably benefit more from these advanced obstacles.

American Ninja Warrior Party Cake

If your going to throw an American Ninja Warrior Party, you need to have an American Ninja Warrior themed cake. There are a lot of ways you could do this. One of the coolest cakes you could make would have American Ninja Warrior cake toppers made from edible sweets. A warped wall made from rice crispy treats, a salmon ladder made from pretzel sticks, rope jungle made with Twizzlers, etc.

Or if that seems a little too ambitious to you, you can copy my personal design for an American Ninja Warrior cake instead!

American Ninja Warrior party

It’s basically just a few cakes made from whatever boxed cake mix you prefer, and then covered in colored fondant. For a step by step on how I made it, read my article, How to Make an American Ninja Warrior Cake!

American Ninja Warrior Party Favors and Decorations

And of course the party wouldn’t be complete without decorations and party favors! Let’s start by sending ninja invitations to all of our guests. Once they arrive, they’ll be greeted by a ninja themed “Happy Birthday” banner. After all the course runs and festivities, they’ll sit down to enjoy pizza or cake on a paper ninja plate. Which will of course be set on a ninja tablecloth and topped with ninja balloons.


Kids having an American Ninja Warrior party are going to need some pretty cool ninja party favors. If you prefer to choose what to fill the goody bags with yourself, I’ve got a ton of options in the decorations and party favors section. However, if you’d like to get all the shopping done in one go, I suggest this 220 piece ninja party favor bundle.


For a full list of all recommended American Ninja Warrior party favors, decorations, gift ideas, and clothes, please check out the Party Supplies section. Do you have everything you need to throw your own American Ninja Warrior party? Drop a comment and let me know!



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