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The Ninja Christmas Wishlist

Need some ideas for your ninja Christmas list? Look no further, I’ve got you covered! 1. Hyperwear Weighted Vest Considering ninja is a calisthenic based sport (most ninja training involves lifting only your body weight), adding some weight can be really beneficial! I first got the recomendation for this particular weight vest from Drew Dreschel….

Nine Nifty Ninja Tongue Twisters

Wally whistled while working the warped wall with Willy. Drew Dreschel drops dragons then drinks their dragon drops. Balance baffles big brutish baboon boys. Lofty Laches leave long lasting lumps. Mount Midoriyama must demoralize most men. Wendy wailed when Winston warned Wendy about the wingnuts. Winston wondered whether Wendy would win. The best book by…

The Ninja Passport

The Ninja Passport Review

Are you a ninja? Or even just thinking about becoming a ninja? Looking for a gift fit for a ninja young or old? If any of these describe you, then The Ninja Passport is a must. What is The Ninja Passport? The Ninja Passport aims to bring together one ninja commUNITY. At the most basic…

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